Top 8 ideal gifts for loved ones when you are away from home 

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder” is the saying, and is perfect for the occasion to recall those glorious moments you share with your loved ones once again. If you miss your someone and wish to show your feelings for them in their absence. A single thoughtful personalized gift is best suited for the occasion. You know their taste, beliefs and personality. Pick a customized gift from GiftJaipur which is easy to be couriered and there is no breakage on the way. The gift is an addition to their collection. It should be a gift that last for a long time, a gift that gives eternal happiness and joy. The deals are lucrative and tempting. You can make your selection. Make your choice today.

Day begins at the stroke of 12 midnight and it’s the time gifts begin arriving.  If you are looking for midnight gift delivery in Jaipur, then you will surprised by the collections GiftJaipur offers. You can choose from the following list of gifts for celebrating a bond of lifetime.

1. Traditional midnight gift delivery in Jaipur could be fresh sweets. Send them their favorite sweet packed in a traditional box and add a tweet for them.


2. Sending fresh flowers is definitely an great idea to refresh those alluring moments together.
Celestial Bouquet-500x500
3. To remember those fights for chocolates. A box fully crammed with chocolates will take your best friend to those idiotic war like moments.

Raffaello Delight for Jaipur to indulge in-500x500

4. If you have younger or elder sister, as a kid you must have hide her pretty dolls all the time. For that old time’s sake, a cute soft toy can be an perfect memorabilia.
Cream with cap-500x500

5. Inspirational novel for a aunt who is very fond of reading in her spare time. It will add to her collection and she is likely to treasure it for a long time.

6. Picture album makes a good gift beyond any doubt. If your husband is away and you want to let him know how his absence makes you weak. Let him peep into your life in his absence with this photo album. This will surely make him emotional.

7. Matching T-Shirts – Buy similar T-shirts with personalized message on it. They will surely love wearing them every time they miss you.

8.  Pen drive with favorite songs your loved ones like to hear, pictures of yours and add a personal video for him/her. It will show how much you care and miss them.

GiftJaipur allows you to buy these amazing gifts online and celebrate each and every  unique & crazy bond with your near and dear ones. The midnight delivery service is also provided at Kota, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Alwar, etc. by the squad. Let your everyone know how much you love them and how important they are for you by presenting them adorable gifts from GiftJaipur.

Sending gifts at midnight adds more importance for someone who stays away from you. It has a magical touch. It lets someone know how much you think of them. The moments shared with dear ones are always cherished and are unfading without any doubt, hence sending gifts to those dear ones add more meaning to the moments shared together. Every gift you pick for someone has a reason, a memory attached, a special message, unspoken words and much more. Tickle them once again by surprising them with horde of memories attached with the gifts you send them. But incase, if what gift to wrap for them is a sixty four thousand dollar question for you, then just visit GiftJaipur right now!

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